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I have created this website to further the art and science of rudimental snare drumming. On this website, you will find a large collection of free snare drumming music. The variety of snare drum sheet music that is offered will attempt to cover all aspects of modern snare drumming; everything from basic techniques (velocity and Moeller strokes) to hybrid flam rudiments and stick tricks.

Grid Generator Application

Check out this awesome grid generator application, developed by Brad Halls (Cavies drum staff '88-'92, Blue Devils '85, Phantom '83-'84, Saginaires '81-'82, Michigan State '81-'86). He has been kind enough to share his app on this website. Thanks Brad!

snarescience exercise mp3s

  • Transform your computer or mp3 player into an advanced practice tool with snarescience exercise mp3s!
  • Practicing along with this audio is THE BEST way to quickly improve your rhythmic interpretation, timing, and consistency, all for a fraction of the cost of an advanced metronome or drum machine.
  • Here is a tutorial for setting up the exercise mp3s on your computer or ipod
  • Here is an example of the two practice modes using the triplet grid exercise
  • The audio files (usually 8-10 files per exercise, each with a different tempo) are priced at $1.00 per exercise.
  • Newsletter members have access to download two exercises of their choice for free! If you have signed up to receive the newsletter, check your email for details on this offer.

practice guide

I have put together a 6-section practice guide that is exclusively available to mailing list members. The practice guide covers the following topics:

  1. Self assessment
  2. Setting goals
  3. Planning and scheduling
  4. Create your practice space
  5. Good practice habits
  6. Example goals and practice schedule

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