Drumline gig open at Tulane University

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Drumline gig open at Tulane University

Posted: Fri Jan 30, 2015 1:06 pm

Hi all,

The Tulane University Marching Band is currently looking for someone to fill our Drumline Instructor/Operations Manager position. This is a full-time staff job with benefits and etc.

To apply and look at the basic job description and requirements, go to tulane.edu/jobs/ and search for "drumline".

In a nutshell, the job is split into two halves. The first half is instructional - teaching and developing the battery percussion program which spans a wide range of skill levels from beginner to advanced, and also teaching and developing the front ensemble in the rare occasions where we field one. Battery and front ensemble book arranging for halftime shows and new Mardi Gras songs is preferred but is also optional.

The second half is administrative - being the primary person in charge of our databases (uniform, instrument, and student databases which were built by a third-party contractor, attendance and financial databases built by me using creator.zoho.com), our physical inventory, our social media presence and branding, photo and video management/posting and archiving, and other miscellaneous tasks. Some of this work would be split with me.

Expertise in how you develop a drumline is paramount. Expertise in the other half of the job is not necessary but is helpful. Ultimately what i want is someone who if they're not familiar with the operations side can learn and adapt quickly to any tasks at hand.

We'll be accepting applications until roughly the end of March with intent to sift through the resum├ęs and interviews by the end of April so that the new hire can get in as soon as possible in May or June.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You can reply here or PM me here, call me or text/iMessage me at 504-452-1970, email me at mlee8@tulane.edu or mendel@mendellee.com, or google hangout message me at darknote@gmail.com.

Mendel Lee
Assistant Director of Bands
Tulane University

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