Best rudimental exercise books to teach from

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Best rudimental exercise books to teach from

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:18 pm

What books are some of you teaching from these days? I'm teaching from "Stick Control", "Accents & Rebounds", a new book I found that is incredible called "Fulcrum's Book of Rudiments" they are selling on, and also some old DCI packets for good measure.

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Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:27 pm

1. Rudimental Logic by Bill Bachman

2. Matt Savage's Rudimental Workshop

3. Contemporary Rudimental ______________ by Lalo Davila (can't remember the full name)

I think these are the three best ones you can get!
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Re: Best rudimental exercise books to teach from

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:05 pm

Sooo... IDK if I'm, like, overstepping my boundaries by posting but not an instructor D: but, I'd like to say, While Sick Control is a must, The only thing my instructor told me to study was the 40 basics, A few of the more fun to play hybrids, and 3 exercises, with modifications: 8 on a hand, Rubber Chicken (diddles, singles, paradiddles, inverted rolls, flam taps... the possibilities are truly endless), and triplet grids (accent, diddle, tap diddle, flam, flam drag, cheese, flam fives). And Considering i only started playing marching snare about 6 months ago, just those have caused drastic improvement. along with practicing constantly, of course.
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Re: Best rudimental exercise books to teach from

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 12:34 pm


1.) Are you looking for rudimental books for teaching a drumline or for an individual private student?

If looking for drumline material, I recommend using the exercises on this website. Have your basses play the snare part for "chop building," and for knowing how to listen well when they go from snare part to bass splits at faster tempos. Sounds like you may have some of this already in the "DCI packets" you are speaking of.

2.) Rudimental drumming in general, or for a specific instrument? (i.e. rudimental snare)

For rudimental snare I highly encourage...

1.) Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone
2.) Rudimental Logic by Bill Bachman
3.) Accents & Rebounds by George Lawrence Stone
4.) The Blue Book by Various Artists (for easy to intermediate short solos)

One factor to early rudimental teaching is communicating the importance of understanding the development of "Stroke Type" knowledge and why a player must have and use this knowledge.

i.e. an accented note followed by a non-accented note on the same hand requires a down stroke from the first note, to approach the drumhead/surface at the appropriate height.

Make sure to use multiple books, too. Part of being a great rudimental drummer, is being flexible to adjusting one's technique and approach to an instrument due to the program and instructor said student is playing for.

i.e. take any 3 different DCI snarelines. Odds are all three lines define their heights and touch differently than the next. If a snare drummer switches lines over the summer, they must be ready to adjust at auditions/camps.

I hope this helps.

Happy drumming & teaching!
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Re: Best rudimental exercise books to teach from

Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:27 pm

(1) John S. Pratt books are great for your chops. Lots of rolls, flams, and the good old school
rudiments like ratamacues (what's that?) flam a diddles, and such.

(2) Stone Stick Control- Stone

(3) Accents and Rebounds-Stone

(4) Rudimental Logic- BAchman

(5) Just Deserts - Freytag

(6) Drummer's Rudimental Reference Book- John Wooten

(7) Syncopation -Ted Reed

(8) The Beckham Book- Rick Beckham

(9) America's NARD Drum Solos- Old School- really old skool but good for the hands

(10) Swing Solos- Charlie Wilcoxin

(11) Tryout packets from various corps

(12) Snare Science Transcription Library

(13) Rudimental Cookbook- various authors- Row-loff

(14) Rudimental Remedies- John Wooten

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